Founders Tap Take-Over


The creators of the Founders Brewing Company left comfortable jobs and risked everything to follow their passion of brewing bold beer for the chosen few.  Through dedication to their craft, they’ve risen to be one of the most recognized breweries in the country and top rated online for over five years!  Friday, March 25 our friends from Grand Rapids will be coming to Gulp on Pico for a Tap Take-Over, allowing you to enjoy some of this World Class beer with us!

Beers on deck for this event:

  • Mango Magnifico
  • Mosaic Promise
  • Red Rye IPA
  • Founder’s Porter

All of these great beers will be available individually or inflights featuring all 4 and most importantly ANY draft beer can be combined with our AWESOME $14 Burger/Fries/Draft combo!

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